18 Blackfriars Road: Pioneering Net-Zero Living in the Heart of Bankside, London, UK

18 Blackfriars Road: Pioneering Net-Zero Living in the Heart of Bankside, London, UK

18 Blackfriars Road Pioneering Net-Zero Living in the Heart of Bankside, London


Foster + Partners unveils net-zero, mixed-use development in Bankside, London, UK. Get ready to witness the birth of a modern marvel in the heart of Bankside, London! Foster + Partners, in collaboration with Lipton Rogers and real estate developer Hines, have just received the green light from Southwark Council to bring their visionary project to life. Welcome to the exciting world of “18 Blackfriars Road” – a groundbreaking initiative set to breathe new life into a long-neglected two-acre brownfield site that’s been yearning for transformation for over two decades!

18 Blackfriars Road represents a groundbreaking shift towards sustainable urban living. At its core, the project is a testament to innovative design and environmental stewardship. By embracing a fossil fuel-free approach and relying entirely on electric power, it’s not just reducing carbon emissions, it’s setting a new standard for eco-conscious architecture.

18 Blackfriars Road - The Vision of Net-Zero Living in London, UK

  • London’s most environmentally friendly tall building proposal in terms of whole-life carbon emissions (measured in KgCO2/m2) for mixed-use buildings over 150m in height.
  • 18 Blackfriars Road targets top sustainability ratings: NABERS 5.5, BREEAM Outstanding, EPC A, WiredScore Platinum, and WELL Platinum for the office space.
  • The project aims for a 39% enhancement over current sustainable building standards.

The integration of ground source heat pumps to fulfill 95% of the site’s heat demand is a remarkable feat, showcasing the potential of renewable energy sources to meet the needs of large-scale developments. This approach not only reduces reliance on traditional heating methods but also demonstrates a commitment to long-term sustainability by harnessing the Earth’s natural resources.

What’s truly impressive is the aspiration to achieve the WELL Community Gold Standard, underscoring a holistic approach that prioritizes the health and well-being of its inhabitants. This certification goes beyond mere sustainability, emphasizing elements such as air quality, access to green spaces, and mental wellness support. By striving for this gold standard, 18 Blackfriars Road is not just a building; it’s a testament to a healthier, more vibrant future for urban communities in the UK.

The site boasts exceptional transport links and proximity to a wealth of cultural attractions, with the added allure of being a stone’s throw from the River Thames. Comprising three buildings, the new development will introduce over 400 residences, 40% of which will be designated as affordable housing. The third building will offer 800,000 square feet of office space, distinguished by its incorporation of bustling areas designed to flood interiors with natural light and outdoor terraces adorning every third floor.

Moreover, the plans encompass 20,000 square feet of affordable workspace tailored for local and socially conscious enterprises, along with assembly rooms for community use, modern educational facilities linked to nearby institutions, children’s recreational zones, and a centralized public space teeming with retail and culinary options at the heart of the project. A remarkable 150% boost in biodiversity is also on the agenda, highlighted by the introduction of approximately 100 new trees to the landscape.

How Does BIM Support Carbon Reduction in Construction?

How Does BIM Support Carbon Reduction in Construction?
  • Integrated Sustainability: BIM services integrate sustainability into the core of design and construction processes, driving a holistic approach towards achieving net-zero carbon goals.
  • Data-Driven Insights: BIM harnesses data analytics to provide real-time insights into energy performance, enabling informed decisions to optimize building designs for maximum efficiency.
  • Collaborative Planning: BIM fosters collaboration among architects, engineers, and contractors, facilitating the seamless integration of sustainable features into building designs from the outset.
  • Simulation and Analysis: Through advanced simulation tools, BIM allows for the analysis of various design scenarios, optimizing energy usage and minimizing carbon emissions throughout the building’s life span.
  • Material Efficiency: BIM optimizes material selection and usage, reducing waste and environmental impact while ensuring structural integrity and energy efficiency.
  • Performance Monitoring: BIM provides ongoing performance monitoring capabilities, allowing stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and optimize building operations for greater sustainability.

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