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ProtoTech’s latest 3D PDF Exporter now supports Inventor 2017

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ProtoTech Solutions released it’s new version of 3D PDF Exporter for Inventor. 3D PDF Exporter for Autodesk Inventor allows the designers to export their 3D design to highly portable 3D PDF (.pdf) format which can be shared easily with others. The new version now supports latest version of Inventor (2017).


Guidelines for using the 3D PDF Exporter, watch the video below

Apart from that, the other exciting enhancements are:

  • Surface types are now exported
  • Mirror objects are now exported

Versions supported

  • (Inventor: 2013 to 2017)

Why to use ProtoTech’s 3DPDF Exporters?

  • Export process takes less time.
  • More accurate geometry.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Can export large Inventor files.

Left image of model in Inventor and the right one is the exported 3D PDF from ProtoTech’s 3D PDF Exporter plug

















To download the plugin, please visit us at-


About ProtoTech Solutions

ProtoTech is a Custom software solutions company with skills in

  • Development of 2D/3D based Engineering applications
  • Quality Assurance/Testing services
  • Prototype development
  • Feasibility Studies and Technology Evaluation
  • Engineering File formats & Data Interoperability Mobile/Web Engineering Apps Development

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ProtoTech Solutions is a custom software development company with skills in engineering graphics, specifically focused in the areas of CAD/CAM/CAE and Graphics. My role in the company is to look after everything, and specially the work which is most important or critical for that day.

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