If your company wants to rapidly develop their software portfolio in a clear, concise and technologically advanced way, ProtoTech Solutions can help. Our expert developers serve as a virtual extension to your own development team.
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Types of Development Project Handled:

  • 3D Mobile viewer
  • 2D/3D Inspection Application
  • Custom CAD Plugins (Exporter/Importer)
  • 3D Graphics App Development
  • Customization of any Engineering Software
  • Web based engineering application.
  • Data Import/Export application
  • Solid Modeler Programming
  • 3D Publishing (3DPDF)
  • Customized Piping Design Software
  • BIM software Customization
  • PLM/PDM Software Customization
  • Machining Software Development
  • Custom Medical Imaging
  • CAE Post Processing Data Visualization
  • Point cloud visualization for 3D scanner/printer
  • Agricultural 3D Land forming application
  • 3D Model Comparison and Visualization
  • An Oil well Design application
  • 3D Models in Web Browser
  • 3D Online Catalogs/3D Manual
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality

Our Expertise

Application Framework Design And Implementation

Provide us with a bulleted list of your requirements and we will come up with a complete framework of your application. We will suggest to you the best components for your needs and present you with the software design. We will also completely implement the project within the time and cost estimate provided. You will be able to monitor the project progress as per your convenience.

Feasibility Studies And Technology Evaluations

The success of every software application relies heavily on its choice of tools and technology. Using your requirements as input and applying our experience we are able to recommend the technology that will best fulfill your needs. We can also carry out research on your existing technology and other available options and provide you with our specialized recommendation.

Prototype Development

Our expert team can quickly provide you with a ‘proof of concept’ application. This will help you arrive at an accurate estimate of time and resources required to complete the project.

Software Support And Maintenance

We provide excellent technical support and coordination for your existing product. We can oversee your build, release and QA management in a highly efficient and automated way. Our team can be your first response to your customers’ technical needs.

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Solid Modeler

  • ACIS
  • Parasolid
  • Granite
  • Solids++ (IntegrityWare)

File formats & Data Interoperability SDKs

  • DWG(RealDWG/ObjectARX/Teigha)
  • DGN (Microstation)
  • DWF(DWFToolkit)
  • IV (Open Inventor)
  • JT Toolkit
  • OBJ (Wavefront)
  • SketchUp (Trimble)
  • 3D PDF (PRC, U3D), VRML
  • Custom File Formats
  • InterOp (Spatial)
  • HOOPS/Exchange (Tech Soft 3D)
  • Datakit

CAD Plugin Customization

  • Autocad OEM, ObjectARX, RealDWG
  • Inventor
  • Max, Maya, Revit (All Autodesk products)
  • Solidworks
  • Spaceclaim, Rhino
  • MDL (Microstation), SolidEdge
  • Creo

3D Scanning & Printing

Mobile and WebApps

  • iOS, OpenGL/ES (Apple)
  • Appery (appery.io)

Other SDKs

  • Rapidform.DLL
  • Atalasoft
  • GdPicture

UI Technologies

  • .NET/C#, Javascript/DHTML
  • MFC, Swing/AWT, QT
  • Syncfusion, Codejock
  • ComponentOne


  • Oracle, MS Access
  • SQLite
  • MySQL