The Forge Platform contains an expanding collection of web service components that can be used with Autodesk cloud-based products or your own technologies.

The Forge Platform provides following web services-


The Forge api we have worked on

  • Authentication (OAuth)
  • Data Management API
  • Model Derivative API
  • Viewer

Project done on Forge

  • Both 2 Legged Token and 3 Legged Token Authentication.
  • Data Management API – Access model A360 drive.
  • Model Derivative API – Translation from one file format to another file format.
  • Viewer – Loading model to Forge viewer and customize the model.

We have used following APIs of Forge viewer

  • Loading model to viewer
  • Node selection
  • Get selected nodes
  • Change color of nodes

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1. Authentication (OAuth):
CAD based on a cloud is not resident on local network servers but on a cloud and is therefore accessible on internet by any approved CAD professional from anywhere. Thus it saves on travel or location costs for the enterprise. This api is used to authenticate user or application. This api uses token-based authentication and authorization.
   We can use two type of tokens –

  • 2 Legged Token
  • 3 Legged Token

2. Data Management API:
The Data Management API provides facility to access data across BIM 360, A360, A360 Personal, and the Object Storage Service. With this API, you can accomplish a number of workflows, including accessing a Fusion model in Fusion Team and getting an ordered structure of items, IDs, and properties for generating a bill of materials in a 3rd-party process. Or, you might want to superimpose a Fusion model and a building model to use in the Viewer.

3. Design Automation API:
The Design Automation API provides the ability to run scripts on your design files, leveraging the scale of the Forge Platform to automate repetitive tasks. At present, the API provides the ability to run scripts on AutoCAD DWG files, with plans in the works to expand to file types generated by other design software.
   Current functionalities for DWG files include-

  • Creating new DWG files
  • Creating new DWG files
  • Purging drawings and saving them to other DWF file formats
  • Plotting DWG files to DWF and PDF
  • Translating text from one language to another

4. Model Derivative API:

The Model Derivative API enables users to represent and share their designs in different formats, as well as to extract valuable metadata.
   This API offers the following features-

  • Quickly translate the design into different formats, such as STL and OBJ.
  • Translate designs into SVF format for extracting data and for rendering files in the Viewer.
  • Extract object hierarchy trees, properties, and geometries of selected parts of a design.
  • Create different-sized thumbnails from design files.

5. Viewer:
The Viewer is WebGL-based, JavaScript library for 3D and 2D model rendering. 3D and 2D mosdel data may come from a wide array of applications, such as AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Revit, and many more.

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